ProfiSwitch X5 – 5 Channel Customizable Baudrate Hub – PROCENTEC

The ProfiSwitch X5 outclasses all existing repeaters and hubs in the PROFIBUS market. The transparent hub has the ability to create baudrate customization per channel. A simple rotary switch opens doors to a new landscape with reliable and money saving applications.

Normally, the transmission speed is fixed and becomes an obstacle when PROFIBUS segments require their individual speed setting because of design requirements or bug fixing. The advanced technology of the ProfiSwitch X5 converts the main channel to other transmission speeds and acts as a transparent proxy without disturbing the host system (comparable with PA links). All channels are set to 5 retries for improved reliability. The ProfiSwitch X5 can be used in new applications and existing installations that require baudrate reduction and transformation.

Some applications;
– Longer cable lengths and spur lines when the backbone is running on high speed.
– Lower transmission speed in case of cable problems (age, EMC, bad cable, etc.).
– Integration of low speed equipment (wireless, infrared, slip rings, PA couplers, etc.).
– Higher retries when the host system is untouchable.

The ProfiSwitch X5 modernizes PROFIBUS network architecture for the next generation. With limitless applications, the ProfiSwitch X5 will become your go to device for creating networks without traditional limitations. PROFIBUS is reborn – 1 controller, 1 network, multiple baudrates.

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