Je bekijkt nu MLSL1xxS50 for Accurate Angle Measurement in Press Brakes

MLSL1xxS50 for Accurate Angle Measurement in Press Brakes

Precisely bent sheets are required in a wide range of applications, for example in the automotive industry and shipbuilding. The wenglor sensoric group offers the ideal sensor solution for maximum precision in inline bending angle measurement: The MLSL1xxS50 uses laser triangulation to measure metal parts to the precise second to ensure consistent pressing results. The MLSL is mounted on the press brake and reliably detects all surfaces and provides relevant angle information. 

Seamlessly integrated into the software of standard control system manufacturers, the sensor can be connected easily via Plug & Play and put into operation and adjusted directly. The corresponding interface also enables integration of the sensor with other manufacturers. 

Optical Measurement for Precision Control for Accurate and Consistent Results 
The sensor’s optical angle measurement is aimed directly at the sheet metal and can therefore be used for all combinations of upper tools. Continuous monitoring of the angles ensures exact bending angles – regardless of production-related influencing factors. The MLSL1xxS50 also ensures consistent results for different batches of sheet metal production, different materials, different bending directions to the rolling direction and slightly fluctuating sheet thicknesses. Through direct integration into the control system, predefined parameters determine the specifications of the bending process, which can be readjusted immediately. 

Process Optimization Thanks to Efficient Monitoring 
The MLSL1xxS50 sensors can monitor various work steps and bending operations along the press. With long components in particular, the angle can be precisely checked over the entire length. To increase production capacity, multiple sensors can be used simultaneously to speed up measurements. An Ethernet connection connects sensors and control, ensuring seamless communication. 

The Highlights at a Glance:

  • Fully integrated with the systems of the most common control manufacturers
  • Plug and play connectivity
  • Compact, lightweight and robust
  • Large measuring range
  • Stable measurement results regardless of surface finish
  • Spot or continuous measurements