Je bekijkt nu Wenglor B60 Series: Massive Power through Next Level Machine Vision

Wenglor B60 Series: Massive Power through Next Level Machine Vision

The outstanding performance of the B60 series from the wenglor sensoric group achieves a new level of industrial image processing. The effective interplay between hardware and software enables comprehensive and expandable solutions to be achieved for demanding image processing applications. Thanks to the seamless integration of HALCON into wenglor’s high-performance uniVision 3 software ecosystem, the smart cameras of the wenglor B60 series offer intuitive parameterization and individual programming in one. A close look at the highlights of the latest machine vision release is impressive.

The smart camera takes on all challenges with its wide range of variants thanks to auto-focus or C mount. Smart design – down to the last detail: Because the tool-free installation of the hardware makes setup easier, while predefined projects and an extensive collection of modules enable standard and special applications to be implemented on the software side. With the B60 smart camera, wenglor supplies an innovative machine vision product that effectively solves many of the existing problems in image processing and inspection tasks. wenglor’s B60 professionally overcomes all the limitations associated with dependence on costly vision systems and complex special software. Without compromising on flexibility, performance and seamless integration. To put it briefly: wenglor’s revolutionary smart camera dispels concerns about using simpler machine vision solutions.

Efficient Hardware and Smart Software Expand the Machine Vision Horizon
Based on high-performance hardware, supplemented by a highly modular structure and paired with outstanding computing power, the B60 succeeds, which was previously only possible with PC-based vision systems: the solution to complex image processing tasks. Whether it’s position tracking tools, pattern matching, object detection, measurement, code reading or logically linking results – these are just a few examples of what’s possible. wenglor’s new uniVision 3 effortlessly solves complex, but also simpler and repetitive tasks. 
Tool-free and fast mounting of lighting modules, filters, lenses and other supplementary components allows for easy setup and optimized image capture. Thanks to auto-focus and C mount, wenglor’s B60 smart camera offers a wide range of options to enable individual adaptation of the image processing system to the specific requirements of each application. 

Easy Parameterization Meets Individual Programmability 
The B60 series is available in a total of 12 different hardware packages with auto-focus or C mount, which are ideally complemented by the appropriate wenglor uniVision 3 software package. wenglor uniVision 3 is based on a modular principle and impresses with its easy parameterization. Numerous predefined projects are already available in advance. The extensive module collection stands out due to adjustable and freely usable modules that can be used flexibly in any order and quantity per project. HALCON scripting as a game changer: Even modules for complex applications where simple parameterization is not sufficient can be freely programmed in HALCON. No machine vision experts or programming specialists are required to integrate the script into the uniVision project. After programming in the HDevEngine, the HALCON script can be imported and integrated into the uniVision software with just a few clicks. 

Other Innovative Features
The wenglor B60 has further groundbreaking functions on board: As a smart camera, the B60 has a built-in gyroscope. For example, during cleaning or maintenance work in industrial facilities, the camera position may shift unintentionally, which can typically lead to inaccurate measurement results and more lengthy troubleshooting. Thanks to the built-in position sensor, the wenglor B60 smart camera immediately recognizes such undesired position deviations. This information is output via the device status LED, which makes it easy to locate the source of the fault – in this case, the incorrectly set camera. 
When using multiple smart cameras in a network, the new wenglor Discovery Tool makes it much easier to find individual machine vision devices – even independently of the network configuration of the existing system infrastructure. wenglor’s Discovery Tool features an intuitive access to the device website, which enables simple web-based management and configuration of the B60. 

The Highlights at a Glance

  • Unique computing power
  • Modular and tool-free expandable housing design
  • Numerous different industrial interfaces: digital IOs, network, robot vision (UR)
  • Intuitive parameterization software with fully integrated interface to the HALCON programming environment 



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